Warrior Wind - Bu-Fu

The following essay is the teachings of Bu-Fu (warrior wind) and an example of what one’s heart, as a warrior, should be like. Please read it over and over, nurture and find its spirit within yourself.

As a warrior, one should constantly practice awareness, from the moment one awakes in the morning; one should keep a watchful eye on his own behaviour and manners, his conduct, never forgetting the meaning of humanism. These are all Bu-Fu. Never act violently nor be rough in nature, and at no time should you take life lightly. Try to build up a gentle life style without hurrying through it. Consciously relax. Be not afraid of life; allow yours to be gentle and rich in love, in accord with the spirit of "Kajo Chikusei" or "Kajo Waraku", a flower’s heart, the spirit contained within the growing bamboo.

If you are proud of the martial arts, do not tarnish their image by acting violently. People often say that we should bring relief to those who suffer, stand up against those who oppress others and knock them down. However, be also cautious of the weak, never relax in their presence for, at times, they themselves turnes into oppressors. Be not one who seeks battles. If you wish to use this martial art, it should be for the good of those in need, who truly are both good and honest, never in the cause of the dishonest and evil.

Those who follow these maxims may be termed true warriors. If you are ridiculed or humiliated, do not allow it to move your heart; laugh it off instead. It is this type of heart, which contains the truly strong spirit of Nin, patience and perseverance. The true spirit of Nin lies also in the ability of not drawing one’s "Katana", sword, too often, doing so rather, only at times of intense need.
A warrior must never forget this type of heart. Let your heart be strong and your spirit be full of vigor, resembling the autumn sleet on fields shimmering in the sunlight, and with love as that murmured by the fresh wind of spring. To attain this type of heart, a good command of both philosophy and the martial arts in true balance is of the utmost importance. Once obtained, the warrior is then a true servant of Bu-Fu.

To begin learning the Ninja warrior-way, then, the study and cultivation of culture and philosophy, and a heart full of evil-dispelling light, is essential. One must have a flower’s heart and honesty, should be as clean-cut and straight, as a blade cuts through a bamboo stalk. Allow your heart to grow the power to solve all of life’s problems. Do not rely on your head alone, learn through your body as well. If one is able to comprehend these essentials, he is sure to find his Bu-Fu flowing within his body and heart. Finally, one must turn all the above into reality, strive to accomplish it all, so as to truly be a servant of Bu-Fu.
Let us train !
~Grandmaster Tanemura Tsunehisa Minamoto no Shoto